Horizon Associates Fees & Charges


New Investment & Savings Clients

If you’re considering starting a savings plan or creating an investment portfolio, Horizon Associates is pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your financial objectives. To conduct a comprehensive fact-find and risk profile assessment, Horizon Associates charges €150.00.

Orphan Clients without an Existing Advisor (Including QROPS & SIPPS)

For individuals with existing financial products or portfolios seeking a new advisor, a seamless transfer of agency to Horizon Associates facilitates this transition. Our portfolio management service includes quarterly reviews and is subject to a charge of 1.25% per annum per portfolio, deducted quarterly. For more intricate arrangements and multiple product portfolios, we are happy to negotiate individual research, analysis, and administration fee.

Private Client Fees

Fees for private clients are established and agreed upon in advance for structured arrangements. Typically, these fees range from 1-2% of the arrangement, contingent upon factors such as man-hours, research requirements, and the complexity of the arrangement.

UK Property Investments

For clients interested in UK property investments, there are no direct fees payable to Horizon Associates. Instead, we receive an introduction fee from developers in the event that a client proceeds with a purchase.

Estate and Inheritance Planning

At Horizon Associates, our fees for estate planning services are determined and agreed upon in advance, taking into account the unique scale and scope of each arrangement. We offer complimentary initial consultations to gather essential information and understand your goals. Following this, prospective clients receive a fully transparent breakdown of our arrangement fee and ongoing charges. Many clients choose to incorporate a token cash investment within the arrangement, with returns often covering associated ongoing charges.