For those who don’t

have a crystal ball,

There’s Horizon

About Horizon

Horizon Associates ltd are a boutique independent agency providing solutions from our offices based in Cyprus to our clients all over the world. The digital age enables us to develop and maintain our face to face relationships globally, reducing the need for expensive multinational offices the costs of which are generally passed on to clients.

They pride themselves on their reputation, with 20 years of experience going the extra mile to deliver advice on personal services and efficient, effective solutions.

Horizon, as an independent agency can provide multiple options for each solution from several unrelated providers, based across a vast range of jurisdictions. Horizon’s holistic approach makes it a logical and convenient service for many entrepreneurs & businesspeople alike, saving valuable time and effort.

Bespoke advice on your solution, that’s truly tailor made to deliver a unique personalised provision, as no two client’s needs are similar.

The truth is… nobody has a crystal ball.

Some fund houses, hedge funds & fund managers have huge resources to research and investigate companies, their shares, and the way they are doing business. These in some cases perform exceptionally well, but many don’t beat the most common indices.

So why bother?

Many do however still make great returns, but there are no guarantees, and one needs to set expectations accordingly. Time in and not timing is a good place to start, 5 years or more in the markets taking the rough with the smooth, while not making any hasty decisions based on market temperament. Aim to be diverse in as many ways as possible, geographically, currency even assets you’re holding, as all portfolios should hold some property.

It would have to be a rare incident indeed that would see all asset classes fall or fail at the same time, even during the 2008 market collapse, there were still notable winners. Dollar Tree, Amgen, Hasbro, Dwight & Church, Celgene, Gilead, Walmart, McDonald’s, Ross Stores, Budweiser, AutoZone and H&R Block were all going up while many lost their shirts.

Keep your costs down

Choose wisely, well balanced funds that can stand the test of time, reduce trading costs with a 5-year view looking to long term returns. The markets will always have crests and troughs, but long term have a habit of moving upwards, some years better than others. Low management fees, a good pedigree and although past performance isn’t necessarily a good indicator of future returns, some funds do just keep on giving.


Keep It Simple Stupid, don’t complicate your portfolio with products you don’t understand. Make sure charging structures are open, transparent, and low, remember whatever it costs to run will be a drag on your returns. And lastly beware of guaranteed returns, if they can make so much, surely everyone would be doing it, exactly?

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster…….

Private Clients

At Horizon we offer various services to Private Clients, such as:

Savings & Investments

Defining your needs

Which investment and savings solution is right for you will depend on your hopes and aims for the future.

The first step is to identify your particular goal and how quickly you wish to achieve it

Investment Property

By partnering with four carefully selected global multi-national property providers, whom have hundreds of developments and opportunities available, Horizon Property will provide and supply international workers with a full range of property options such as new builds in up and coming London areas, extensive developments across Birmingham with the new HS2 train line, and providers able to source more established and mature units.


Transferred UK Pensions

Answer NO to any of these points, then contact Horizon for a free pension MOT.

UK Pension Review

If you’ve worked in the UK at some point, the chances are you paid into some form of pension.  It might only be a small amount but it’s always worth having a look, and you never know your UK pension review might uncover a nice surprise.

To learn more about alternative pension options…

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